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Hydraulic cylinders are an important cog in many different types of machines across all sorts of industries. IDF is a specialist when it comes to the production and design of hydraulic cylinders and we have over 25 years in the business to prove it! We have established three different types of factories, metallurgical equipment, piston rod electroplating and hydraulic cylinder factories, and our staff of over 300 with more than 40 of these being senior technicians are ready to produce the products you need to your exact requirements! Our dedicated staff has produced high quality products for use in the following industries: metallurgy, chemical, mine, marine, grinding, machinery, material handling, agriculture and forestry to name a few.

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Wuxi IDF Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd
Add.: No. 500 Zhonghui Road, Changan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Post Code: 214177
Tel.: +86-13814238374
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Contact Person: Gaoming Liang